Balaji"My Best Wishes for ALCHEMY. I wish the institute great success and glory in the years to come."
- K. Balachander Director
Balaji"Will see you next year to find out what progress has been made! All the best for the year. Remember K.B. Sir's words! FOCUS, UNIQUE QUALITY, PERSEVERANCE"
- Gautham Vasudev Menon Director
Balaji“The actors on stage never looked like budding talents but were performing with the skill and calibre of a professional actor. This only goes to prove the effective training offered to these young actors at Alchemy”
- Balaji Sakthivel Producer & Director
Ameer“It is very refreshing to see that an acting school is coming up with a placement show and inviting film and television industry professionals to view the same. This is a very healthy move by the school.”
- Ameer Director
ARS“Great work! Amazing talents on display. Keep up the good work. Kudos to Vijay and his team!”
- ARS Actor
PCSreeram“Rocking! You have a wonderful future. Light is at the end of the road.”
- P. C. Sreeram Cinematographer & Director
Mahendran“I am very glad to see that the talents at Alchemy are well equipped with the right kind of knowledge towards good cinema. Good work, keep it up!”
- Mahendran Director
Crazy“I have watching theatre plays for the last 30 years. Was very happy to see that actors from Alchemy tend to display natural skills on stage which makes their play very interesting to watch. Congrats at the great effort.:
- Crazy Mohan Script writer & Actor
Bosskey"Extraordinary, No stopping, Keep going something beyond the sky, Alchemy can spot Congrats!!!"
-- Bosskey
Anu Hassan"Acting has to be passion not a livelihood. It is wonderful to be amidst so many hopes, dreams and aspirations. Not to mention future super stars! All the very best!!!"
- Anu Hassan
Vijay Adhiraj"DON’T GIVE UP; Success is around you, It is you who has to figure it out, Alchemy, Is where the future is, CHEERS."
- Vijay Adhiraj
Dr. Radhakrishnan"Hats of to you. You are doing great service to the society Best Wishes to you May your tribe glow."
- Dr. Radhakrishnan
Vishnu Vardhan"I think what the team is doing..your just there…. “Nothing happens until something Moves” This is what just drives me. Trust me, it works All the very best. And thank a lot for Everything ."
- Vishnu Vardhan
Rajeshwar"It was wonderful meeting you and your students. Hope my discussions with the students were useful. The quickest way to achieve success is to do what you are afraid to do Regards and my hearty wishes for you and your institution “Alchemy”"
-- Rajeshwar