ALCHEMY  100% transformation is true, miracle which happened in my life too. I joined Alchemy on 3rd of Nov 2009 and now I have completed one year and two months in this esteemed institute. I learned not only acting, with additional of focus in my life. Alchemy has given me inspiration to continue and excel in this media. I am more confident with every step I take now. Each and every time if I get divert I have my alchemy partners to take care of me and return me back to the track in which I was travelling. What I got from Alchemy is not just abundant knowledge, but the independence and friendship which are also very important to me. Alchemy is a house of art (media) that molded me into elite.  Things here in alchemy never fail to amaze me. It’s definitely a truly unique experience. For friends and tutors from alchemy, who means so much to me, for the smiles, the laughter, the encouragement and the love.  I love to thank everyone from Alchemy for their love and affection on me and to their patience & guidance shown on me till date. I am proud to be an Indian same, I will say I am proud to be an alchemist from ALCHEMY 100% Transformation.

Kannan K R - Student

Alchemy is a truly transformational institute. While the core focus is on acquiring the skill sets necessary for Acting, the other vital attributes required to survive in the industry like discipline, professionalism, patience and other facets that go to make an actor, are given paramount importance in the curriculum. They are talent managers in every sense. An extremely, supportive and transparent organisation, they have groomed me in every possible way that I can ever ask for. This is more than a school for me. It is like a gurukul, where I continue learning even today and will always continue to do so. In Vijay sir, I found a perfect mentor who is always accessible, supportive yet realistic, patient, extremely objective and open to ideas from others.. You don't join Alchemy to be a part of just one of their programs... rather you become a part of their entire scheme of activities in the future. Thanks Vijay sir for being a true catalyst in my life!!!!

Vijay Gopal - Student

Alchemy was designed for a new generation of actors and creators who share a passion for motion pictures, theatre arts and even good commericals, who wants to learn by making their own talents in a hands-on, intensive manner to attract the media. Alchemy demands the integration of many kinds of knowledge which were so neccessary to make a person not only a better actor and also to make sure to have a liveliness towards the profession. It is the integration of knowledge that distinguishes Alchemy from many other film schools. In our course we learnt not only how to build in a character that we portrait but also were taught how react to the emotional level, respond to co-actors, lights and mental make-up. Last but not least I proudly say "One firm step which gave me an enormous amount of confidence to build my carreer in media was given by ALCHEMY. I owe Alchemy for many reasons.

Aravind G Baskaran - Student

Alchemy....The first thing that comes to my mind is that "alchemy has paved my path into this cinema industry".It isnt that easy to train students in acting and i should say that MR.Vijay,my mentor is a true alchemist.I did a one month workshop which made me do the one year diploma course.Has it transformed me? Is it worth doing a course in alchemy? YES is the ANSWER.I’ve grown as an actor and as a person too.It is south india's first professional school for acting and modelling.It is one of its kind.I loved doing my acting course at alchemy.Alchemy rocks..!!!

K.Harish - Student

It is so wonderful to be student of Alchemy. Everyone has talent but bringing it out like a tsunami needs huge agitation in you.

Mr. Vijay Vishwanathan has taught me the secret to utilize my skills to transform; now I cannot think of other acting school that will teach me acting better than Alchemy.

Being with Alchemy brought me knowledge, confidence, support required to achieve. I can honestly say that I love my acting school.

Praveen - Student

First of All, I am proud to be associated with Alchemy.. South India's 1st Professional School for acting & modeling. Its helps to showcasse myself with stardom physically and mentally. Alchemy being a carrier catalyst, I hope to reach the so called term "Being Brand" with its guidance. Bringing the best talents out by 100% transformation method. Being a platform, it makes me understand what is been expected in the industry and learned how to be different.

Balaji - Student

August 7th 2003, my first day into Alchemy with the dreams of media in the way of performing arts. There after I was skilled to transform the passion into a determination, trained to visualize “how dreamz come true?”At Alchemy, Media was treated and considered with the spirit of corporate culture which encouraged lots of educated budding talents to take up Media as a Profession. When this culture is been spread across the industry, Alchemy will have its name at the top list for initiating the activity. My association with Alchemy till date, is been wonderful and productive, that I have crossed lot of milestones with their guidance. Waiting for the day to bond myself with the esteemed institution as the Brand Ambassador.

Venkatesh.A - Student

ALCHEMY - A magical power or process of transmutation. Yes ! Alchemy is indeed a magical power that transmutes aspiration to acme. An insititution of finest quality that encourages its students to explore new vistas while at the same time imparting the skills of the theatre- an art form that goes back centuries. I am proud to be a member of this school that still gives priority to one's acting skills and abilities even in this mordern time of digital cinema. What i have learnt here has made me a better communicator and refined my skills as an actor. In this unique environment we are provided with the right platform to launch us on our professional careers, thanks to their infinite support and exposure programs. When you join Alchemy, you have not become a student there rather you are the newest member of this beautiful family...

Siddarth Venugopal - Student

It was a passion to learn acting and that too from an acting school for long. A year ago my flight landed at Alchemy without much experience as an actor. It all started with a one month workshop and I got the bug immediately.

Ever since it has been Vijay providing water to a dry sponge thirsty for more. Vijay is a tremendous mentor with valuable resources. He is unique in teaching his students how to find their own artistic voice, without trying to define that voice for them. His expert eye for pulling the character out of you can and will make any actor better. He is a great instructor with essential techniques to get any beginner started on a road of success. I’m glad I dedicated myself to his course.

"Tomorrow is Ours"

Sakthi Velavan - Student

I have known Alchemy for quite sometime now & have also used its students a number of times in our projects. It was definitely a nice experience working with them.

It is very refreshing to note that Mr.Vijay is bringing up this institution with a great focus and sure that Alchemy will be in a great asset to the media industry. The process at Alchemy is sure to produce some wonderful products who will shine well in the industry.

I wish Vijay & his institution all the very best for all their efforts in future.

JD Jerry - Student

Having had the privilege of attending one of the performances staged by you and your co-artists, I was stunned that I stuck to my seat for two full hours watching some serious stuff, for I am one who has been breathing comedy for about four decades.

I witnessed some of the most natural and original pieces of acting on stage by your talented bunch.

Alchemy will undoubtedly become an international name. Broadway theatre member. Watch out Vijay Vishwanath is coming with his team!

All the best… For the cut above the rest…

Bosskey - Hari Giri Theatres

I have known you for the past 12 years, and I have seen you grow by leaps and bounds. It is always a pleasure to see a good friend succeed; this success of yours is an achievement in a very competitive industry.

“ALCHEMY” your baby, I have seen grow from the nascent to the blossoming stage, is truly the barometer of your success. This institute has thrown up some truly amazing talent, many of whom have made a mark.

“THE WINDOW” marks your debut on stage as a creator and director; I wish you great success as a friend and patron of “ALCHEMY”.

All the Best Buddy!

Vijay Adiraj