Drama & Communication Classes


  • To provide high quality performing arts opportunities for young people.
  • Create opportunities for social and educational development through participation in the arts.
  • To introduce young people to new and innovative elements of performing arts as well as embracing more traditional performance practices.
  • To ensure our activities are to the benefit of the local community and encourage community learning.
  • Objectives

    • A platform to explore and express creative, leadership, marketing & management capabilities
    • Explore & experiment with experimental theatre
    • A gateway to participate in major Theatre Festivals and competitions
    • A feel & professional exposure into the world of theatre / fine arts for those wanting to pursue the same as a career
    • Will help students to prepare and appear for Trinity College of London Grade, Professional, Diploma exams. This will also help them accumulate the required UCAS points
    • A platform to enhance their soft skills - Communication, Self-motivation, Leadership, Responsibility, Team work, Problem solving, Decisiveness, Ability to work under pressure and Time management, Flexibility, Negotiation & Conflict resolution
    • Help students with opportunities to participate in real time production to get hands on experience


    • Body & Mind - Warm up
    • Concept of Communication - Process & Barriers
    • Oral Interpretation - Texts in Performance - Prose / Monologues
    • Characterization, Improvisation & Story Telling
    • What to Say & How to Say it - Communicating with Tact, Diplomacy, Poise & Finesse
    • Mime - Part 1 - Non Verbal Performance
    • Acting for Theatre - Part 1
    • Interpersonal Communication
    • Appreciation of Theatre - Part 1
    • Music & Movement - Part 1
    • Production Management - Part 1
    • Creating an Ensemble - Part 1

    Duration: September to April

    Days: Tues & Thurs

    Time: 6 to 7 pm

    Clothing: Comfortable stretch clothes - (Preferably tracks & T-shirt)

    Batch commences on: 5th September 2017